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Ai-CRM Enterprise System

Ai-CRM System is a Web Technology CRM System which flexibles and compatibles with Scalable Enterprise. This system focuses on the Services Organization in driving the Services Level and Internal Process Management. The system has 4 modules which are Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation, Support & Services and Analytic.


  • With our Innovative Consulting Services, not only development as the customer expectation but we also accelerate the business and process of the customer to drive Growth and Differentiation.
  • With our Innovative Solutions, the customer can start from our ready to used solutions. Implement in short time and enhance from our proven experiences. 
  • With our Innovation Systems package, no boundary concept will be implemented to our customers. Integrate with ERP system – Mobile App. Integration – Barcode/RFID Solution.

Ai-CRM Solution- One Stop Solution for your Business

  1. Ai-CRM System Consultant
  2. System Consulting & Customizing Services
  3. On-Line & iOS App.
  4. Integrated Solution Integrated Solution Provided