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iPECS UCS delivers tools to enhance productivity and improve customer responsiveness in an affordable package for your SMB. Integrated with your iPECS platform, iPECS UCS Clients access the rich voice services of the iPECS and the wide range of video, text and graphic collaborative and messaging services of iPECS UCS Server. Whether your business is brick and mortar or virtual, iPECS addresses the communication needs of the today’s SMB and delivers the next generation in communications technology

– Tools to enhance productivity and improve responsiveness

– Easy to access and activate

– Single server solution, reduce cost and simplify management

– Business purpose Unified Communications

• 10 Client status, 5 Desktop phone status, 4 Web cam status

Instant messaging & file send
• Business purpose IM, Intuitive user interface, Message encryption(AES)
• Unlimited automatic log saving, Click to send

Individual call routing
• Multiple scenario editing, Incoming CID filtering
• Time zone base routing, Flexible destination assignment

Directory management
• Dynamic DB search, Shared UCS DB up to 2,000(Internal)/30,000 (External), Locally managed private DB 
• Automatic Outlook DB synchronization, LDAP search, DB export & import, ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook, Excel, CSV

Internal & external SMS
• Internal SMS to system stations up to 100 characters
• External SMS via PSTN ETSI Type 1 & 2 up to 80 characters

Application sharing
• Real time application sharing
• Image exchange method, Resolution control

Video conferencing
• White board
• Desktop sharing
• 6 party video conference
• QCIF, CIF, VGA format, H.263+ , Maximum 15 frames
• Easy to access user interface

Call related features
• IP Bridge, Interactive call pop up, Scheduled dial
• Call Assistance, Step call, 48 flexible buttons & etc

Server related features
• Client usage statistics, Server status monitoring
• Administrator notice, Log management

Call recording
• Click to record on HDD, Automatic client recording agent of linked station, Recorded file handling

Conference management
• Conference group call: Multiple number dialing from directory, Indivi-dual connection management 
• Virtual conference room: Room management & status monitoring, Email invitation, Ad hoc conference

Schedule management
• Shared schedule: Company/Team schedule, up to 5 shared folders
• Private schedule: Real time sync w/ MS Outlook, Open to public option per event


download pdf icon iPECS_Ericsson-LG

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download pdf icon iPECS CCS Datasheet

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download pdf icon iPECS_SBG

download pdf iconiPECS_UCS

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