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PIAs System

PIAs System is an innovative single system which automates all plant’s dispatching tasks with innovative technology and proven features. PIAs System will enhance the competitive advantage and drive the plant’s dispatching performance with RFID Long Range, Barcode, OCR, CCTV, Text-To-Speech and PLC Integration Technology. System modules provide the complete automation on dispatching, queuing, weighing, loading, ERP integration and business analysis in order to tracking, monitoring and managing

Our Differentiation:
Our differentiation is seamless integration of RFID Long Range/Automation technology, dispatching system and ERP System. Customer uses PIAs System as a single system for dispatching management. With our offline mode, customer is able to operate all dispatching tasks although ERP system and Leased-Line to ERP system is down. PIAs System will automatically integrate data back to ERP system again when it is ready.Furthermore, more proven creativity modules we provide are

– License Plate Detection with OCR (Image Processing)
– Automatic Queue Calling with VAJA
– Queue Simulation
– Unmanned Weighing Operation
– Plant safety and security enhancement
– ERP integration in online and offline modes etc.

– Queue Management
– Dispatching Order
– Vehicle Tracking
– RFID/Barcode/Mobile/Web Support
– Hardware Integration
– ERP Integration